Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fixing Pitch Marks - Do You have Religion ?

A couple of weeks back, I played at a nice track with some sweet bentgrass greens. Because the course really cares about the golfer's experience, they REALLY work hard to keep the greens in great shape. They rolled great, and were super receptive to shots.
On my first hole, (a par 5), I hit my approach from 100 yards out, saw it hit the green, and walked up. When I got there, my pitch mark was very noticeable (ok, it was freaking HUGE). I pulled out my divot tool, fixed my mark, and started lining up my put. After I putted, I noticed that the green was LITTERED with unrepaired pitch marks. This got me to many times, we play and complain about the condition of the greens...too hard, too slow, too fast - all things we cannot control. In spite of that, here was a problem that we COULD control, and obviously a lot of people were not even trying.
So here is the question - are you one of the folks who never fixes their pitch marks, leaving mini craters everywhere ? Are are you one who is religious about fixing them - you know they type, you fix yours and then look everywhere for more to fix ? If you are the latter, a tip of the hat to you....but if you are the former, its time to reform yourself, and "get some religion" on the greens. Here are some tips on how to fix pitch marks:
I'm just sayin......

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