Wednesday, February 1, 2012

LPGA - Why do I like it ???

I willingly confess - I really like the LPGA. That's right - I am a true blue , hard core, keep up with the scores, watch the Solheim Cup, LPGA fan. I've had many of my golf buddies and acquaintances ( and probably lots of others) make fun of me for this, but I cannot help it - I REALLY enjoy watching the game.
Why, you may ask....well, other than the OBVIOUS....

here are a few reasons:
(1) All the players are very fan friendly - autographs, photos, conversations, you name it - they are ALL happy to have fans there cheering for them.
(2) Admit it or not, guys, they play a game a WHOLE lot more like mine and yours that the "big boys" do. If you don't believe me, check out some of these stats:

  • Average Driving Distance for the Top 40: 261 yards
  • Average Distance for the Courses Played: 6,400 - 6,700 yards
  • On the Par 5's , when they "go for it", club they usually hit: 3 wood, 5 wood, or Hybrid ( no 8 irons here)
  • They miss a few greens, so they scramble to make par, usually hitting shots from the same places we do ( not 4" high rough, or from behind the clubhouse)
  • They play on courses that you or I can generally play - see
(3) They hit their clubs a very similar distance to many (most ????) of us - a 7 iron from 150 - 165, a 3 wood from 200 - 235, a PW from 115, etc.
(4) They are really GOOD players
I think all of these add up to one really logical conclusion - many (most) of us can really learn something from watching the ladies of the LPGA play...and that, is something worth paying attention to.
Now, before I get called out for being oblivious to the obvious, YES there is some serious eye candy out there too (Sandra,Paula, Natalie,Belen,Beatriz, etc - tip of the hat to ya'....)- and that is another great attribute of the tour - just one that I don't want to really focus on in this post.
Anyway, if you are an LPGA fan - let me hear about it - what do you like about the tour ? And if you are not - give it another shot after reading this - maybe you will have a different perspective.

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phil said...

Agree totally!
I have been a die hard fan for many years.