Sunday, September 28, 2008

Live from Atlanta...

Down to the wire, it's Sergio, AK, and Phil.... Thank goodness for some excitement in the season's final (does it ever really end ?????) event. Not sure how much press this got, but there was a nice moment on the course yesterday between Hunter Mahan and Justin Leonard...a bit of a friendly carryover from last weekend's Ryder Cup camaraderie. It's doubtful we will see any hugs today between Sergio and AK - which is cool....maybe we have the makings for a real rivalry here.

Lots of the pundits and talking heads are pimping today's confrontation as "vindication for Sergio", or "payback time". I have to be a bit of a contrarian on this one - no doubt both of these guys have immense talent and a desire to win, but last weekend was MUCH different. Seems like we should all acknowledge that for what it was - a dominant victory for Team USA - and acknowledge today for what it is - a great showdown between two great players....neither of whom thinks today has anything to do with last weekend.

P.S. - Admittedly, Kenny Perry was suffering from a bit of "Valhalla Hangover" early this week, but he tied Sergio for low round yesterday

P.S.S. - AK - Last week, I professed my conversion to becoming a fan, and I even got over the belt buckle-itis....but for the love of bentgrass, PLEASE tuck the shirt in dude...

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Andrea said...

I am glad we had a chance to meet. I'm sorry I did not give you a "proper" good bye on the last day. I didn't realize it was you until I walked away. I hope you had a fun tournament and hopefully I will see you next year! Have a great off season.