Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Coming Soon - Sneak Peek at The Ladies of Big Break PEI

Beginning in April, Bushwood CC will be playing host to three lovely ladies who all possess a wealth of golf talent (as well as being smoking hot!!!!). Kim Kouwabunpat, Blair O'Neal, and Caroline Larsson will be three of the contestants on the latest edition of The Golf Channel's "Big Break" franchise. We have selected these three from the entire BB-PEI stable beacuse they are all new members of Bushwood, and are also part of the super friendly and talented team at Play Golf Designs, a really cool company run by our friend (also a BCC member) Nisha Sadekar.

And now, let's hear it for the ladies !!!!

Kim Kouwabunpat----------------Blair O'Neal ------------------Caroline Larsson

Check back often - because leading up to the airing of the first episode of The Big Break - PEI, Bushwood will offer EXCLUSIVE profiles on each of these three golfers - all equally lovely AND talented....in other words, they can kick your butt on the links, and then make everyone envy you at the 19th hole ! The profiles will be everything you have come to expect at Bushwood - fun, funny, and engaging. Thanks in advance to Nisha, Kim, Blair, Caroline, and the whole team at Play Golf Designs - we are glad to count you among the members at Bushwood !

P.S. - For more about the ladies featured above, check out :

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