Thursday, April 23, 2009

Caroline Larsson Interview

The third part of our interviews with the Ladies of Big Break PEI is here and ready for your reading pleasure. Pleasure is a good word to describe our chat with Caroline Larsson - she was a joy to talk to, and was quite patient with yours truly after a series of calendar FUBARs . Anyway, Caroline was SUPER COOL, and we thank her for that. We caught up to her as she was on her way to play in the Louisiana Pelican Classic (which was shortened to 36 holes by torrential downpours). She was making the mega haul from South Florida (where she lives) to Lafayette, La for the event. Caroline is a full member of the Duramed Futures tour this year, and is widely rumored to be the favorite among the female participants on The Big Break.Anyway, enough with the intro, let's roll the tape !
Cash: Hi, Caroline - It's great to catch up with you. Thanks for taking time to chat with me.
Caroline: No problem, Caroline: Glad to be here - I never imagined it would be so nice in here. These are some plush digs !
Cash: Nothing but the best for the Bushwood should see it around here on the weekends ! But enough of that, let's learn a little more about you.
Caroline: Ok, cool....well, I am 25 years old, 5'9" tall, and I am from Stockholm, Sweden. I came to the States in 2002 right before college, but my family is still back in Stockholm. Luckily, I get to see them a couple of times each year - they just came to visit me a couple of weeks ago.
Cash: Go on...
Caroline: I attended college at Florida State, where I played on the golf team for four years. I received a degree in Psychology, and graduated with a 4.0 GPA. My time at FSU was amazing and I have Coach Dillman and my lovely team mates to thank for that! We played against some great teams (Duke was one of them), and the tournaments were always filled with great players. One of most fun things was our friendly rivalry with South Carolina, especially my first two years - we were always pranking around with them, throwing water balloons and just generally having a good time. Some great memories there, for sure.

Cash: So are you like, a nerdy bookworm or something ?
Caroline: No, but I am a really determined person and I do my very best in the things that are important to me. During college that was school and golf and now I can put all my energy to golf!
Cash: Wow! So tell us a little about what we can expect from you in 2009 - what are some of your goals ?
Caroline: My top priority is to qualify to play on the LPGA tour next year, so everything I do professionally is directed at that. A great way to achieve that goal is to finish in the top 5 on the Duramed Futures Tour money list this year.
Cash: Tell us about playing on the Duramed Futures Tour.
Caroline: I've played on that tour for two years. I played in every event both 2007 and 2008. My best finish is a 2nd place at El Paso,TX, but I've also had a couple of 3rd and 4th finishes, so it feels like the win is just around the corner! Last year, I finished 23rd on the money list and the year before that 14th. The Tour is a great place for us get the final tune up before moving onto the LPGA - there are some super talented players on the tour. I plan to play in all 17 events this year, so my schedule is pretty full.
Cash: What are you working the hardest on ?
Caroline: Well, I'm always focusing a lot on short game because it's REALLY important. This off season I also worked a lot on my swing in order to get more consistent and to get more distance. I average about 245-250 with my driver, so now you don't have to ask that, haha.
Cash: So, what's in your bag ?
Caroline: I am a hard core TaylorMade fan, and have played their clubs since I was 12 years old. I play their Tour Preferred irons, and R7 460 driver, and R7 TP 3 wood, Rac TP Wedges, and a Daytona Putter (no hybrids, at least not yet). My ball is a Titleist Pro V1, which I mark with a circle around the number. I like to use red, because red means "birdie", haha.
Cash: Tell us a little about your on course style...

Caroline: I don't really have a preference with shorts or skorts, but the best kinds are the ones you can have a big belt with! I prefer sleeveless tops and I like visors the best. When it comes to colors, I like to wear either black or white and match that with a fun color! I don't wear a lot of earth colors like beige or khaki. On guys, I like it when the pants are not too wide...come on, I am from Sweden! Hats or visors really depends on the individual.
Cash: How many hole in ones in your career ?
Caroline: I've had 3 aces in my career, but my none in a tournament, so I'm due!
Cash: Tell us about your dream golf foursome...
Caroline: Tiger (the best ever!!!), Will Smith (he's hilarious and a great actor), and Ellen Degeneres (don't even know if she plays golf, but her show is the absolute best!)
Cash: What do you do when you are not golfing ?
Caroline: I like to work out, hang out with friends, go shopping, or some fun activities outside like kayaking or go to the beach.
Cash: Tell us something about Sweden that will surprise us..
Caroline: We don't have snow 6 months out of the year ! Actually, we only have snow in Stockholm about 2 months each year. We do have the midnight sun in the middle of summer, which is incredible. However, our climate is milder than people think due to the Gulf Stream.
Cash: Well, Caroline, that about wraps us up. Thank you so much for taking time to stop by are out first international member, ...what can we say except "välkomnande till klubban" !!!
Caroline is a SUPER TALENTED golfer and a SUPER COOL CHICK - so don't be surprised to see her go far in the Big Break PEI. For more info on Caroline, check her out at and also at
I'ver gotta run now because , as Caroline would say, Det är coctailtimmen på Bushwood!

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Heather said...

Caroline IS super cool and she loves PB&J's. That's my kind of golfing gal.

Has anyone else noticed that there seems to be more drama with the boys on BB this time around? I know there's only been one show...just an observation.