Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's Cold in Georgia...

As many of you know, I am attending a couple of rounds of the Masters - tomorrow's practice round and Thursday's opening round. The weather, which I was expecting to be balmy (read - I brought 5 pairs of shorts and one pair of long pants) is, um..... NOT.

I'm spending the week with my best golf buddy (Steve Gray - noted fashion icon and business executive) at his sweet place in Reynolds Plantation - which is a kick a$$ golf resort community on the beautiful shores of Lake Oconee, about an hour from Magnolia Lane. We are playing golf early in the week, to help us better understand the awesomeness of the dudes who will be stalking the majestic fairways of Augusta National this week.

So far, I've spent much of the week buying warm clothes, drinking warm stuff (note to self - Baileys and Hot Chocolate is pretty damn good when its 40 degrees and the wind is kickin at about 25mph on the fairways), and hanging with a great friend. Check back soon for more on the awesome tracks at Reynolds Plantation and Masters coverage ....BUSHWOOD STYLE !!!

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