Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Mullet - Don't Call it a Comeback....

You've heard the rumours, you've seen the photos, heck - you've even read it in the fashion press..., and it's all TRUE !
The 80's most (in) famous ugly men's hairstyle is somehow, unbelievably, sadly making a comeback. That's right, the mullet has been resurrected from the graveyard of bad MTV videos and is now flopping around in prime time. Not only is the dreaded "kentucky waterfall" reappearing, but it is doing so in the most unexpected place - THE PGA TOUR ! Before you call me a nut-job, consider the following examples:
Charley Hoffman
Some of you might wish to dismiss this as a "surfer" look, but careful examination reveals that Charley is truly and completely rockin' the mullet...

Sean O'Hair
You can barely see the forked tail of Sean's fish poking out the back of his TaylorMade cap, but trust me, he ain't trying to make his daddy proud ! Sean is in the early stages of the 'do that I proudly sported as a Kappa Sigma pledge back in the day (Holla, Big Bro Wayne !) ...Hang in there, Sean O, it won't be long 'till there will be no doubt as to your true intentions..

Bubba Watson
There is no reason to question Bubba's choice to work the mullet - with a head full of thick,dark hair and the pre-existing absence of sideburns (a pre-req for a true mullet man...) Bubba has all the tools to work the mullet like Paris Hilton in a room full of Greek shipping heirs...

John Daly

I know, JD no longer sports the mullet of yore - but he was the original PGA "mullet-eer"..., so ya gotta give him his props.. Oh, and if you were wondering what in the heck I was talking about when I mentioned the "fashion press" - wonder no more...., I give you, America's fashion prince

Kanye West


Ottawa Golf Blog said...

Oh! you have to love the mullet if only I could still grow one.
Everyone always talks about Charley's hair maybe this week he'll win and people can stop talking about it.

Travelling Golfer said...

Easy with that Kentucky reference Bushman !

In Kentucky, we like to think of it as a West Virginia Waterfall !

And it ain't a hairstyle, it's a lifestyle !

Charley Hoffman's just tryin' to hide that God-awful head with some even worse hair.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Sean O'Hair's haircut is not a mullet in that picture. A mullett is more short on the sides and top and longer on the back. His hair is longer and you just see the back length because he has a hat on. You cannot tell with a hat on. Plus it looks dope.