Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oh Michelle, Just when I thought you were LEARNING...

If you have read BCC for very long, you know that I am straightforward in my assessments of players,equipment, and anything golf related. I've previously shared my disgust nausea disappointment with the media mania and constant unwarranted adoration that surrounds the perpetually underwhelming Michelle Wie. Her history of poor performances, fired caddies and agents, and never ending stream of excuses is enough to get someone to searching for the nearest straight razor.
HOWEVER, recently there seemed to be signs that she may ACTUALLY be getting better. To wit, her posts on "Twitter" showed a relatively normal side of her (albeit a bit nerdy,but I'm not gonna nit pick here)...and some players responses to/comments about her seemed to indicate that she is gaining some acceptance on the LPGA tour. After reading Shane B's glowing commentary on Michelle here (and the fact that she was displaying a little self deprecating sense of humor), I was about ready to admit that perhaps she had changed/grown up/rebooted and was perhaps "normalizing" a little bit.
How foolish of me....all it took was a camera,a microphone, and a post round interview on The Golf Channel after the McDonald's LPGA Championship to erase all hopes that she had "changed". After finishing a cool 14 strokes out of first place and not breaking 70in any round,one would think that her first comments would be to praise the winner (rookie Anna Nordqvist) and to talk about working harder to improve and perhaps win an event. WRONG !!!! Instead, we had the same ol' Michelle Wie...., making excuses, telling us that "the score really did not reflect how well she played", and that she really "played great" for the whole event. Um - let me be sure I'm right here - if you subtract the two eagles she made on iron shots (one an ace, the other a hole out on a par 4), her score would have been 3 over - good for a sterling 49th place. Before you call me a hater, stop just a moment - all I'm calling for is some REALISM. I she (ever) wins, I will be the first to give her her props - but until then, she is just another player on the LPGA tour striving for that first win, albeit one who is sorely in need of a dose of humility and reality.


Kevin Mort said...

Dude you are 100% SPOT ON with your comments.

She ain't all that...not yet at least and frankly the golf media needs to get over their love affair with her.

Just like some of them have with Sergio Garcia.

I ranted about Camillo before he won, and I was right. Now he's stepped it up and is a contender, so good for him.

If Wie ever does the same then fine, but it certainly isn't today.

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Anonymous said...

ur a fucking asshole. and an idiot. ur probably just miserable with ur own sad sad life. u are probably bald, fat, white and ugly. u probably havent gotten laid since u popped out of ur mother's womb. good luck with ur life.

Benji said...

Dude, I know diddly squat about golfing, so I defer to your knowledge on the subject. However you must admit she looks damn hot in those tight little skirts. Boy I'd sure like to be the one under her par!
Anyway cut the braod some slack bro! What do you expect from her...shes still a kid. And if anyone is to blame its the media, IMG, or her parents...cuz we all know, sex sells!