Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stewart Cink Floats to the Top of the Jug

Stewart Cink, who has largely been left out of most of the "best players to never win a major" discussions got it done today at Turnberry. As much as some may think that he was handed the claret jug by a fading Tom Watson - my take is a little different.
When Cink drained his putt on #18 during regulation,I had a funny feeling. I turned to she who gets her way, and said "There's your winner - I have a funny feeling that he just did something that will result in him winning his first major". She looked at me like I was crazy, and began to debate me vigorously ....ok, actually she just continued her "golf nap" while I prattled on....but I am pretty sure that my dogs got what I was saying. As I watched Watson miss the par putt on #18 which would have won it for him, I was certain that Cink would close the deal in the playoff.
Hats off (and a little sunscreen for the noggin') to Stewart Cink - he played well and was at his best when it counted the most. He is a kind and deserving winner, and was a gentleman all week long - something ALL golfers can be proud of.
Us Southern boys gotta stick together,ya know...


Heather said...

I'm glad your dogs were listening.

Mr. Cink is definitely a deserving winner. I didn't "know" he would do it the way you did, but he definitely earned it.

I loved the Tom Watson storyline, but that shouldn't take away from Mr. Cink's Southern charm and character-- or his huge win!

kokogirl said...

I was rooting for Cink. My parents almost disowned me. Seriously.

Stewart has played well and consistently for quite a while. (Obviousy) This year did not start out stellar for him, but I am glad to see his hard work and patience pay off.

Congrats again to Stewart!