Monday, August 17, 2009

Yang Becomes the First (fill in the blank) to Win a Major

Unless you have been dead for the last couple of days (or longer), you are aware that Y.E. Yank Yang has set the golf world on it's ear by pulling off a stunning upset of Eldrick the King. Everyone, it seems is TOTALLY amazed that a self taught dude from South Korea won a major tournament. No matter where you look,be it the blogosphere, the traditional print world, on the tube, or every damn golf website you can find - Y.E. (what the hell - is he embarrassed of his name ? I mean, is his real name something like Yevoniquis Elbert or something???) Yang is being hailed as the newfound conqueror - the FIRST ASIAN GOLFER TO WIN A MAJOR !
As usual, however, the whole freaking media empire has missed what is TRULY unique and groundbreaking about Mr. Yang's win (somewhere, Rodney Dangerfield is laughing his a$$ off). What you ask, oh wise one is the REAL story ? Is it that he:
  • Started playing golf in his twenties and is self taught ?
  • That he carries a 3 and 4 hybrid, and his iron set starts at a 5 iron ?
  • That he plays conventional cavity backs like the rest of us ?
  • That he honorably served his country BEFORE he pursued fame and fortune ?

Although those are all good guesses, and may or not be is the real deal.... the breaking news that ONLY Bushwood is reporting on.... Yang is the first "Taylor Made Visor Wearing Major Championship Winner".

Additionally, he joins Freddie, Vijay, and Ben Curtis as the Major winners bold enough to "rock the visor", as we say here at BCC.

Bushwood Congratulates Yevoniquis Elbert (Y.E.)Yang on his groundbreaking win at the PGA Championship Hazeltine !!!


Heather said...

I already have the hybrids, even ditched my 5-iron for another hybrid. I play cavity backs and I started playing a "little later" in life.

But I do not have a TaylorMade visor. Maybe that's my problem. I need to ROCK THE TM VISOR.

Vince Spence said...

I think they should throw Y.E. a ticker tape parade down Seoul's main street. That victory is the equivalent of Se Ri Pak's successes here on the LPGA and they gave her 35% of the country. (only joking...)