Monday, October 19, 2009

OK, So I know it's been a while, But Michael F*$#@+@ Jordan ???

Ok, I admit's been a fu*&^$% long time little while since you've heard anything from here at Bushwood. I could go on and on about how busy I have been, how the new tree fort Clubhouse has taken up all of my time, or how I've found other passions....but nobody gives a sh&t about that let's move onto something interesting mind boggling.

Somehow, in the short time I have been incarcerated away, Michael Jordan has morphed from a stogie chompin', gambling addicted, philandering, 7 handicap (cough,cough) hacker into a "Golf Mentor", one able to offer motivational advice and golfing tips to none other than the World's Greatest Golfers ! Yep, thats right folks - none other than MJ has "elevated his game" right off the hardball courts onto the links - with seemingly no loss of stature. I have no idea WTF Freddie Couples was thinking, or what MJ actually DID for the team (other than maybe dispense some "Hot Slots" tips), but watching him on TV at the President's Cup totally was a barf inducing event for me. Top that off with some typically insightful commentary about his presence from Kelli Tilghman- Bacon and you have pure Golf Nirvana.

What the hell is next ? And when do we have the inevitable crossover - you know, like Camillo Villegas as a ball boy at the Wimbledon Ladies Finals ? Or Anthony Kim as as the "Official Mixologist" at the Kentucky Derby ?


Heather said...

Is Anthony Kim seriously mixing Juleps next year? I still have a most incredible Derby dress & hat.

Actually I'd rather have Camillo mix. Is that cool?

I'm with ya, I don't quite get this one. I know, team motivation, yada yada yada. I have a hard time believing they couldn't find ONE inspirational guy (or gal) who is also an incredible golfer. After all I was available!

kokogirl said...

I also thought it was strange, but I thought I was in the minority. Maybe not!

Tour Golf Blog said...

I was thinking the same damn thing. The guy may have been the best BBall player in history, but how does that translate into being an "advisor" for the top golfers in the world? Maybe I'm missing the connection? Great post though.

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