Tuesday, February 16, 2010

That Boy has some GAME....

If GLOBAL WARMING Climate Change (and the blizzard of 2010) has forced you to run your generator just to catch a few holes of the the West Coast Swing (sounds like a soft core porn convention to me), you have probably made a few observations from the events thus far. Among those you may have noticed:
  1. Titleist has been dominating the events, with the winners of all except one event playing Titleist Irons and Balls.
  2. Rickie Fowler is either colorblind, is being paid an obscene amount by Puma to wear those outfits, has absolutely the worst taste in golf fashion on the planet, or all of the above.
  3. Even when he is not playing, a certain someone STILL dominates the news.
  4. Dustin Johnson is a sure fire bad a$$ n.
I've already written about #1 and #2, and if you want to learn all about #3 you can go here, but here are few facts about the guy known as "DJ"....
  • Currently #1 in FedEx points (and already within shouting distance of his 2009 total)
  • 2nd on the $ List
  • 2nd in Driving Distance
  • 2nd in Top 10 finishes thus far
  • 4th in Top 25 Finishes
  • 8th in Scoring Average
  • Ranked #25 in the (bogus) World Golf Rankings
I've watched Dustin play quite a bit last year and thus far in 2010, and I can assure you he has some game. He isn't flashy, doesn't talk a lot, and doesn't court attention - he just knocks the living crap of of the golf ball. With all the attention that McIlroy,Fowler, Ishikawa, and other young guns are getting, the folks at Bushwood have their money on Dustin Johnson. As Sir Mix a Lot would say, he is "Long, Strong, and About to Get the Friction On"...

P.S. - Here's a look at "What's in the Bag" (courtesy of Golf Digest)

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