Tuesday, March 16, 2010

From Webster's Dictionary..."Arrogant Prick" (see Tim Finchem)

Somehow, the "Commissioners" of professional sports have come to believe that they are a relevant,driving force behind the sports over which they "commish". Perhaps it's due to the ridiculous salaries that the gluttonous leagues are able to pay them, or the fact that many of them were also-rans in their particular sport of choice, or the fact that their professional training is as a lawyer - all of which provide them with a full on prick pedigree. Whether it's golf, football,baseball,or basketball...the commissioners all seem to have an ample supply of idiocy.
This pedigree isn't gender specific, either. Witness Carolyn Bivens and her all too successful attempts to ruin the LPGA.
The latest example, sadly, comes from our beloved sport of Golf. Check out the quote from none other than our own "Tiny" Tim Finchem regarding Tiger Woods' return:
"I don't have the specific date when he's going to come back. Tiger has indicated he will give us reasonable notice," Finchem said. "We're going to have advance notice and we're going to be comfortable with the notice we have."
"We're going to have advance notice AND we're going to be comfortable with it".... RIIIIIIIGHT...
Well, I guess you can start swallowing your pride, lil' Timmy....because whether you liked it or not, whether you ahd advance notice or not, TW is coming back at Augusta, or WHENEVER HE DAMN WELL PLEASES.... Today's reports do, in fact, indicate that Tiger will return in Augusta in early April - something we all look forward to. But trust me, his return date has absolutely NOTHING to do with whether Finchem is "comfortable with it".
Pro tip to the Commish...shut your pie hole until it's something you know a little bit about, ok...nobody cares what you think, and we don't want to hear a word from you except to announce that you FOUND SOME NEW SPONSORS!

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