Monday, May 17, 2010

Thanks for Clearing THAT up ! (or, I always wondered what you REALLY did)

Well folks, I know its been a while since I wrote it
(a) writer's block,
(b) "I've been working on my game" (which I really have), or
(c) just call me lazy - whatever makes you feel all warm inside.

Thankfully today, one of golf's burning questions over the past 6 months has been answered... and no, it's not whether or not E will stay in Scandinavia land.... Today, dear readers, we have ALL learned the answer to the question "What in the hell does Rachel Uchitel DO anyway ?

Clearly, the "VIP Hostess" title is suspicious at the very best...and those texts with David Boreanz weren't all that insightful,...and her tweets about a "9/11 conspiracy" would lead one to think she is a bit of a quack. Never fear, though..she is a MODEL!That's right - a model !!!
Various media outlets are reporting today that she will be showing her girly parts soon in the pages of none other than Playboy magazine. At this point, she has agreed to show her "top and bottom"... and, yes, as a matter of fact, I am laughing out loud... I suppose she is saving the rest for the "back 9"...


Heather Jones said...

What a relief! That question has been weighing heavily on my mind lately. But now it all makes sense. ;o)

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