Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Webb get's er done....

Like it or not folks, Webb Simpson was the last ,man standing at Olympia on Saturday.  Amidst all of the Tiger hand wringing, Beau worshipping, Birdman tackling, and Furyk snap-hooking...the best golfer really did win.  I've been fortunate enough to play Olympic under much more benign circumstances and it was still a huge test, so please a tip of the hat, and a toast to Webb Simpson for a round well played.

As you watched the last 12 holes out, one could not help but sense a tension in the foggy air of the Olympic Club - no real runaways, just a "feeling" that drama was right around the corner.  First Webb stated a birdie run, then Westwood went looking for a Spotted Owl in a tell tree, then GMac started to fray a bit at the edges....and finally, Furyk melted like a Hershey bar under a broiler.  Meanwhile, Webb persevered....and won a well deserved title.  Respect to Michael Thompson and John Peterson, two relative unknowns who really hung tough.

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