Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Putters - Looking for Love or Happily Hitched

Admit it, Putters are a lot like the opposite sex.... hard to live with the same one for long, but can't live without one for very long. Ok,Ok - I hear the howls out there ...maybe that is a bit harsh....but ya' gotta admit it's close to the truth.

I'd argue that most golfers fall into one of two camps:

(1) Looking for Love (e.g. Sergio, Vijay, Charley Hoffman, J.B. Holmes) : We switch putters like Daniel Chopra changes his hair color - which is several times each year. About every 4-6 weeks, our eyes start wandering, we find one that "looks" good, and we begin the flirtation process....you know, first its a little "lunch putting" at the local golf emporium, then it's the "extended lunch putt-a-thon" in the same venue, then on to scouring eBay for an "almost new" version, and finally....you take the plunge and dive headlong into what you are sure will be a long term commitment. All is fine until another "cutie" catches your eye, and the cycle starts anew.
(2) Happily Hitched : (e.g. Tiger, DL III, Paddy) We are still using the first (or maybe 2nd) putter we have ever had. If the house caught afire, we would grab the putter first, give it to the firemen, and run back in the house for ....all the other important stuff. Whenever we travel to play golf, the putter sits in the front seat ( or in first class), while the rest of the bag bumps along in the cargo hold. The only thing we look for on ebay is an EXACT duplicate of old faithful, just in case anything ever happens to "the putter that Moses learned with".

I will admit to being a poster boy for the "Looking for Love" set....if I bought every putter that has made my heart quicken, I would have more putters than Michelle Wie has excuses. My latest fave is a Ping Piper H (replete with flaming orange grip), which replaced a long and beautiful string of Scotty's. I'm rolling them good right now, so maybe she (her name is Angelina....) is the one.

So, after that confession, I gotta ask - which camp do you fall into ?

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