Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Tips to the Reds - Which Tees Do You Play From ?

Ah, the age old dilemma - "Which tees are we playing from today,dude ?".... It's a decision that many (most) of us make each time we tee it up. And like lots of decisions in our lives, many people think with something other than their brain when making this decision (minds out of the gutters, ok fellas...) - that's right, I am talking about your EGO...

How many times have you waited behind the foursome in front of you, waiting to assume the position on the first tee, and watch them march proudly the "tips", chests all puffed out (aka the "extreme" golfers in the Slazenger ad..) ? Shortly thereafter, you watch them blast a tee shot which leaves them (a) re-teeing, (b) in the woods, or (c) with an approach shot that is longer than their tee shot carried ? Trust me, it's happened to yours truly more than occasionally - and I'll bet I speak for a lot of you out there. Let's call this group "The Posers" - they are SURE that they average 300+ off the tees, their ego won't allow them to play anything other than the tips,.....and the reality is that they rarely break 95 - by they , by God, play "FROM THE TIPS".
Cure = "extreme" dose of humility, taken daily until you can see the next set of tees in front of you.

Almost as bad as "The Posers" are a group I will call "The Stealth Bombers". The odd thing about them is that you never know they are there unless you play directly in front of them - so seeing a SB is somewhat akin to a UFO sighting . The characteristic of the "Stealth Bomber" is that they play from a set of tees which is WAY too short for them... these are the folks who are hitting Driver/Sand wedge on EVERY hole, and who are flying it within 50 yards (or less) of you while your are putting out. Different mindset, same culprit - Mr. Ego here...

Cure = one serving of consideration for those in front of you, and a (couple of ) big step(s) backward when teeing off (e.g.think "blue" rather than "white", big boy..)

The third group of note are the " Usta Be's", as in "I usta be able to hit from here"....these are the folks who for whatever reason cannot seem to get it out there quite as far as they formerly could, and cannot bring themselves to move up to the next tee box
Cure = A magnifying glass, so you can clearly see the distances on the scorecard.
(disclaimer - this is NOT an age related malady)

So how do you, the honorable habitue of the links, avoid being a member of the "posse of shame" as defined by these three groups ? No magic powder or animal sacrifice required - just a little common sense.

Play the tees which suit your game...here is a simple formula, using a Par 4 hole as a measuring stick:

How far do you hit your Driver ? 225 245
Add: Ideal Approach Shot Distance 140 145
"Average" Par 4 Distance for You 365 390
Total Distance for Your game 6300 6700

Now I won't suggest this as a hard and fast rule, because I am sure there are exceptions and probably better ways to decide...and I will gladly admit this IS a personal decision....but the next time you are pulling out the ol' 3 wood for a 225 yard approach shot on the opening par 4, remember what you heard here....


Acemakr said...

Good post - I've subscribed.

Patricia said...

Tee selection does bring out the..."best"... in people, doesn't it. I always hit from the reds and gloat about the advantage it sometimes gives me. Not that I still don't end up losing. :o/

Who cares...I'm having fun. And I'm getting better. Slowly but surely.