Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolutions....Do we Really Need 'em ????

In a word, YES!!!

After giving you an update on what’s happened in the last 90 days, it only seems apropos to share my 2009 Golf Resolutions. Without further adieu, they are:

1. Achieve a handicap below 10 by 9/20/09 (my birthday, natch….) – Although I dipped below this number a couple of times last year, one of my golf buddies told me that “unless you achieve those scores in tournaments, I don’t believe you are a single digit player” – so the game is on, the challenge has been thrown down, and my honor and skills are at stake. Wish me luck…
2. Win two events on The Golf Channel Amateur Tour – I won one event last year, but was also erratic in several others. This resolution calls for me to double my win total, but I am determined….
3. Qualify for The Golf Channel Amateur Tour National Championship, and finish in the top 20 in the finals. – Not only do I want to qualify (as I did in 2008), but I want to CONTEND on the final day. I promise to play more than once in the five weeks leading up to the event this time, and PRACTICE too !!!!!
4. Improve my Iron Game – As I mentioned in my last post, I have decided to embrace the "Stack and Tilt” swing. Hopefully, the early results (encouraging) will continue and this will lead to a better iron game
5. Achieve the following statistical goals:
- Average Driver distance over 250 yards
- Hit 10 fairways per round
- Hit 9 GIR per round (50%)
- Make 31 putts or fewer per round

6. Make more good friends on the Golf Course….

I don’t think I am being too greedy, but I am interested in your thoughts. What are your goals for 2009 ?

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