Thursday, January 1, 2009

10 Golf Wishes for 2009

My (Golf Related) Wishes for 2009

So my last post contained my personal golf resolutions / wishes for 2009 – but no mention of anyone else. In the spirit of fairness and goodwill, here are 10 wishes for the rest of the golf world in 2009:

(1) For the LPGA (you know I am a big fan):
-I wish you great performances from some of your marquee players early on (Paula, Morgan, Lorena, Cristie,Natalie, etc) , as well as some breakthrough wins by some newbies (Anna Rawson, Stacy Lewis, Erica Blasberg,etc... – sorry Michelle, you get your own special wish later).
- I also wish you many new fans
- Stability among your sponsors.
- Oh, and I hope you find someone to replace Carolyn B – she SUCKS - totally does not get it…
(2) For the PGA:
-Stability in the sponsorship arena.
-Maybe try reigning in the purses so the best players NEED to play more often – I mean they are PLAYING GOLF for chrissakes
-A quick recovery for Tiger
-Early wins for the most compelling stories / personalities on tour
i. Boo Weekly – hint to media: ever hear the term “crazy like a fox”? He is working you like a pro, guys….
ii. Anthony Kim – used to be a hater, now I love the guy. He is the real deal
iii. Davis Love III – I know he wears Polo like a second skin, but he made a great comeback in ’08, and he will be our RC Captain soon, so lets give him some love
iv. Bubba Watson – Time for the “long one” to break through
v. JB Holmes – bc he was just STONE COLD at Valhalla
vi. Ian Poulter – ditto JB comment above. Get over the hair, the pink clothes, and the prissy walk – he can flat out get it done
vii. Greg Norman – I’m rooting hard for a comeback from the Shark
viii. Kenny Perry (at a major) – Just to shut up the talking heads on TV who dogged him for skipping majors in 08 to focus on the Ryder Cup ( hey guys on TGG, we did WIN the RC with some great performances from KP,right????)
ix. Rocco - To prove that Torrey was not a fluke
x. Phil – At the US Open (so the aforementioned Talking Heads will STFU about Winged Foot)
(3) For Sergio (who gets his own special wish)– Some humility and class. Sorry dude, I can’t wish for you to win as long as you act like a spoiled, “entitled”, ingrate. Your smile is great, and fools a lot of people – but until you learn to lose with same grace as you win, I will root for anyone but you. (Sorry Golf Girl – I know you like him….).
(4) For Michelle Wie (same as Sergio...her own wish)
-That you play consistently, play hard, don’t whine, and compete fairly on the LPGA tour. If you do that, and actually are competitive, then I may believe you are for real.
-That you IGNORE the PGA tour. You cannot, and never will,be able to, compete with these guys. Your delusions that you could EVER compete with them will keep you from achieving your potential. BTW – I watched Brittany Lincicome BLOW IT PAST you when you were supposed to be in your prime – so get over it …the PGA game is NOT about distance - its about SCORING (another hint - so is the LPGA,)
- That you fire your parents as coaches and advisors. BJ - Dude, get a know golf like I know "nucular bombs"...
(5) For Tim Finchem – Some wisdom..Careful dude, you are about 18 months away from being in the Carolyn B sitch….
(6) For the Golf Girl – a round at “Farmore” and all the golf fashion that you can handle
(7) For the “twentysomething golf blogger – a return trip to TGC Amateur Nationals- hope to see you there.
(8) For Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey – a bunch of early wins on the Nationwide tour, entry into plenty of PGA events, and the return of your PGA Tour Card
(9)For Amber Prange and Irene Cho – Early success in the Spring events….the future of women's golf needs more players like you.
(10)For Titleist and Callaway – That you kiss and make up regarding the freaking ProV1 patents – come on guys, don’t mess up the game, we already have enough challenges… (dudes at Callaway – you make some good stuff, but Titleist will ALWAYS rule the ball market – deal with it)


Shades said...

Tommy "2 Gloves" will be playing a bunch of PGA tour events before he plays a Nationwide Tour event. Let's hope he gets it done on tour early and often.

Andrea said...

Thanks for the shout out!! I wish a return trip for you as well and good luck this season! I hope you win a few.