Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ever wonder why people don't like Sergio ??? Your wait is over...

Readers of this blog know that while I recognize Sergio Garcia's talent, I have little patience for his antics and constant whining. I've read countless articles touting his new found "maturity" and how "winning The Players changed him"... One of my favorite bloggers is a big fan of his, so I try doubly hard to gain some respect for him. Now comes the latest from an interview he did with the Mirror in which he makes the following statements regarding the USA's thrashing of the Euros in the Ryder Cup.

"The US team played their cards well," he said. "They knew where the pins were going to be and the tees and we didn't. The locker-room we had was really, really small and uncomfortable. I wish it had been even half the size of theirs. We had two showers, one next to a toilet."

"At the opening ceremony they played my anthem twice, once when the Spanish flag was raised and once when the Swedish flag was raised."

- Garcia claimed captain Nick Faldo's speech at the opening ceremony had been "too long" and said Europe had needed more than one vice-captain.

Read the entire article for a full on belly laugh. It's sad, because as a hacker, I REALLY admire his iron game and think he has exceptional talent - but when he opens his mouth, he loses me completely. However, in my newfound spirit of brotherhood, I made some special wishes for Sergio - see my post of Jan. 1, 2009 for these. I know you aren't playing for us Yanks to "like you" Sergio, but we buy your sponsor's gear, watch you on TV, and (some of of us) cheer when you win - so for the love of man, PLEASE quit whining and lose with same class as you win with...

Oh, and no more spitting in the cup in 2009, ok ?

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