Thursday, January 8, 2009

What's wrong with the Golf Channel ?

If you are like me, you feel the daily urge to tune into The Golf Channel - even when there is practically NOTHING happening in the world of golf. What with shows like the "The Big Break", "Masters Highlights", and "Lessons from the Pros", there seems to generally be something worth watching.

However - there is ONE thing about TGC that totally SUCKS. Other than some of the attractive (ok, so shoot me - I like the fairer sex....) on-air talent (Kelly, Stina, Stephanie (we miss you !!!), most of the guys are blowhards who are completely disconnected from their audience. They seem to feel like the majority of their audience is still looking for reasons to look down their noses at the "commoners" who have taken up their cherished game .

Here are only a few examples:
  • "The Daily Daly Bash" - These guys who have never sniffed a Major (Brandel, John Hawkins, Brian) never miss a chance to rip on John Daly, always looking down their noses and harrumphing about how bad Daly is for golf. They are so out of touch with most of us, it is pathetic. Face it, guys - people LIKE John Daly a lot.... the reasons are unimportant, they like him, so shaddup and deal with it.
  • "The Wie Worship Hour" - Same culprits, different affection. Even though she has NOT WON ANYTHING in more than 5 years, the talking heads are "certain" that MW will remake the LPGA and is "great for golf". Wake up call #2 - I've talked to about a hundred people about this topic - so far, the tide runs about 9 :1 against the witless, er, winless Hawaiian. That's right, men and women alike flat out DISLIKE the arrogant, privileged, classless, Nike tattooed, "future of the LPGA. Until she wins something, I am with the masses - enough about MW.
  • "The Camillo Crush" - Ok, I admit he won two events at the end of last year in dramatic did Vijay, but we dont hear the talking heads speaking breathlessly about Vijay. Admittedly, CV did show some real promise late in the year, but guys, enough of the man crush on Spiderman - If he wins, he get the kudos, otherwise leave the adoration to the Tiger Beat crowd...
  • The American Bash - After the Ryder Cup domination by the USA this year, you would think TGC would have been all apple pie and ice cream, right ? Guess again - First they had to rip on Boo Weekly for charging up the crowd, then they had to bash Perry for not playing the majors, and it just continued from there. How about a little home country support guys ? I know Faldo is "one of you", but remember, it's Boo's fans who pay their cable bills faithfully each month...and that's how you get to keep your cush jobs.
I will stop there, but trust me, I could go on. Meanwhile, I am interested in your take - what is YOUR pet peeve about TGC ?


Shades said...

Hawkins is a complete douche bag.

Cash said...

Hawkins is definitely the worst of the bunch - he is so dismissive and condescending toward anyone who disagrees with him.

Sam said...

I'm a little late to the conversation here but I have to say that I agree with the comments regarding Hawkins. I'm watching the pre-network coverage on Masters Friday and the guy is unbearable. He talks like "that guy" that everyone hates to have out with them at the bar. You know, that really obnoxious friend-of-a-friend that thinks he's the cat's pajamas AND that he knows everything AND everyone? Yeah, he's that guy. Dottie keeps giving him "please shut up" looks.

PS: A Google search on "John Hawkins is a douche bag" brought me here. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

How does that ass-clown Hawkins even stay on the air? Does he have compromising photos of somebody?