Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stack and Tilt - Prelude

As I mentioned in an earlier post, continued inconsistency with my iron game has led me to decide to give "Stack and Tilt" a try (for those unfamiliar with S&T, read more here). Before deciding to go down this path, I read as much as I could about S&T, including a number of comments online. Although I was interested and encouraged by what I read, I was never able to locate a "diary" or anything which chronicled a S&T newbie's trials and tribulations in attempting to change their swing. Therefore, in addition to dedicating myself to seeing if I could solve my iron problems via the S&T, I also decided that I would chronicle my ups and downs (and hopefully progress) with the S&T on my blog.

Now that the introduction is complete, let's get right down to business....

The primary problems with my iron game are:
  1. Consistently hit behind the ball, and never strike a descending blow.
  2. Lack of distance from my irons relative to my swing speed (e.g. 8 iron 130 yards, 6 iron 155 yards).
  3. Poor / Inconsistent Weight Transfer
Based on what I read about the S&T, and have seen on the DVDs, this sounds like a great thing for me. Stay tuned for ongoing progress reports...


Unknown said...

I'll be paying attention.

Cash said...

Acemakr - Thanks. I have been pretty amazed so far - will post tomorrow with more details.

Matt Spence said...

I started experimenting with stack & tilt last Spring and it has helped my short iron & wedge game tremendously. I tend to stay centered more with my mid & short irons and then progress into a more traditional swing/weight shift with my longer irons, hybrids & woods.

Having studied Stack & Tilt and then recently re-reading Hogan's Five Fundamentals, there are a ton of similarities. Charles Bassler talked about keeping your weight on the left side in his book written in the 50s as well.

Good luck on your quest. I look forward to reading about it!