Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Amber Prange - Touring Professional Interview

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Bushwood Country Club is proud to share with the membership our FIRST tour pro interview. However, our first one is not just any interview - it is a special one with a young lady named Amber Prange, who is playing on the Duramed Futures Tour this year. You will remember Amber from the latest installment of "The Big Break" on The Golf Channel. Amber is not only a very talented golfer, she is also a budding business woman who was gracious enough to spend some time with us this week. So, without further adieu, here's Amber....

  1. Tell us a little about yourself – age, hometown, where you live now,college, etc. I'm 24 years old, and grew up in Noblesville, Indiana (Go Colts !!!). I played collegiate golf at the University of Washington for four years, and graduated with a degree in Communications, with a minor in Business Marketing. I now split my time between Noblesville, Orlando, and wherever the Tour takes me.
  1. What are your goals for 2009 ? My goals for 2009 changed a bit based on my experiences in my rookie year on tour. For this year, I am placing much less pressure on myself, and will be focusing on 2 areas: First, Play one shot at a time – focusing on the moment. Second, Play my best every time out, and finish as high as possible in each event.
  2. How many events do you plan to play in 2009 ? I want to play as many as possible. The Duramed Futures Tour has 16 scheduled events, and I need to play well early to qualify for as many as I can. Regaining my full-time status is a key objective for me this year.
  3. What part of your game are you working the hardest on ? Distance off the tee is the main area I am focusing on – I have always been able to hit the ball accurately off the tee, and my iron play and short game are good – but gaining an extra 15-20 yards is something I am working really hard on. I've been working on improving my core strength and conditioning this of season, and I am happy with my progress – I am in the best shape of my life.
  4. How were you introduced to golf ? Golf has been a part of my family since I was born – My dad and his family are all avid golfers – counting 5 PGA professionals among them. Early on, I was not a huge golf fan – but in my early teens it really began to click for me and I developed a real passion for it.
  5. What's in your bag ? I am a big fan of Ping clubs – I play the G-10 driver, fairway woods and hybrids. My irons are Ping I-10's, which I love, and my wedges are the Ping Tour series. My putter is a Yes! Tracy – the folks at Yes! Golf are incredible supporters of the Duramed Tour (shout out to Glenn at Yes! Golf- your rock…). My ball is the Titleist Pro v1
  6. So we have to ask, How do you mark YOUR Titleist ? I mark my balls with little dots around the number to look like a flower.
  7. Tell us about your work with Play Golf Designs – what is involved in that ? Play Golf Designs is an incredible company that I work with. They are based in Las Vegas, and offer golfers the ability to book a complete package at the best courses in the area. Packages include golf with one or more of the Professional golfers on the staff at PGD (including me), and it provides a great opportunity to meet and get to know the pro's the PGD roster. For us, it is a great chance to network with people who are passionate about golf and meet our fans.
  8. What has been you most memorable experience with PGD ? Meeting someone who helped me get into LPGA Q- school.
  9. How many holes in one ? Only one so far – but it was very memorable. It happened in my FIRST collegiate golf tournament, and my Dad was there watching. I hit a 5 iron onto the 165 yard 17th hole - it hit about 5 feet away, and rolled right in the cup.
  10. OK, now for a personal question - how far do you hit your driver ? Ah, a personal question, huh ? I currently hit my driver about 225-230 - so adding the 15-20 yards that I am shooting for will get me out there in the 240-260 range. That's really important to me for posting lower scores this year – so you can see that's why I am focusing on it.
  11. Who would be in your dream foursome and why ? My dream foursome would include Ernie Els ( a super nice guy who I met at Lake Nona), Trevor Immelman, and a tie between Tiger and Sergio. OK – I know that's five people – but we would play fast and not hold anyone up !
  12. Favorite sports other than golf ? I love to play Volleyball, and want to take up Tennis at some point. I also love skiing and kickboxing.
  13. Favorite athlete ? Peyton Manning
  14. What frustrates you the most ? On the golf course, Bogeying the last hole or three putting. In the "real world", selfishness and rudeness.
  15. What makes you smile ? Polite people and pure selflessness.
  16. What's on your IPOD ? Ah, I knew this one was coming ! I like practically every genre of music - currently in rotation I have a mix of Hip Hop, Sinatra,Techno, Mickey Avalon. Hard Rock (think Korn), and Classic Rock.
  17. What is one song that gets you really pumped up and ready to compete? …Hmmm, that would be a song by Buckcherry called Crazy Bit*h. The lyrics are kind of racy, but the beat and tempo really get my heart pumping.
  18. What is one thing that will surprise the members of Bushwood about your experience on The Big Break ? hmm Big break shocker... they try to feed us a lot of alcohol and everyone got along great with one another except for Dave
  19. Can we get the first interview after you win your first Duramed event ? Of course…how could I say no

Amber Prange will be playing on the Duramed Futures Tour in events across the USA this year. She is super nice, and I encourage everyone to go out and support Amber AND the Duramed Futures Tour events ( 2009 schedule is here). She is also the newest official member of Bushwood Country Club, and will receive an official Bushwood Country Club t-shirt – Welcome to the club, Amber !


Da Judge said...

Amber was great on BB - love the interview. I hope she does well on the Futures tour this year - seems like she has her head on straight !

Laci Underalls said...

Amber looks and sounds like a winner to us - Welcome to Bushwood CC, Amber !!!

JS said...

Great interview.

Heather Kerrigan said...

Nice interview of a deserving gal.

Anonymous said...

Met Amber in Marion, IA yesterday during the Pro-Am. Pretty cool gal. Wishing her luck and success in the "Futures"! : ) Jeff