Sunday, February 1, 2009

An Open Letter to Mark Calcavecchia from one of the "Chops"

Dear Mr. Calcavecchia,
I read the following quote that you made about playing with "chops" this week: "Of course, it will be nice to play golf [Thursday] with two other pros for a change. Jesus. Five days in a row of chops. Four days at the Hope--mind you, they were all a bunch of nice guys, but I've seen enough bad shots in the last five rounds I've played to last me all year."

To hear you speak with such distaste and contempt for the very people who made your millionaire lifestyle possible is sickening. Maybe your years of living a lifestyle of excess (as is obvious by your physique) has also made you soft between the ears. It is difficult to imagine a PGA player making such insensitive,crass remarks in the face of the erosion of the gravy train of corporate sponsorships - yet there you are, insulting us all. Perhaps you have forgotten a couple of basic economic concepts -maybe you were not in econ class the day we learned these

(1) Your sponsors (the people who put their name on your hat) make golf equipment - that is called "Supply". The people that buy that's us "Chops" who you are so tired of dealing with - that is called "Demand". No demand, no need for supply, no name on your hat, no cash in your pocket. Capische ?
(2) The people who sponsor the events you play in - they sell stuff - cars, banking services, houses, etc. Supply again... Who buys that stuff ? Who creates the demand...Maybe you guessed it by now - it's us Chops again.

So you see, Mark, your livelihood (even though you have already made more money that most of us Chops can imagine) is inextricably linked to us Chops.

Now before I am done with this rant, let's contrast your attitude with that of the LPGA. That's the tour where they play for a lot less money, the players sign autographs with a smile, they are NICE to the fans, and they never complain about playing with us Chops. That's where I will be spending my hard earned cash - where I am appreciated a little.

In closing, I hope that one day, when I am old and gray, I see you face to face...and you say to me, with a smile, "would you like fries with that, sir"...

P.S. - Calcavecchia's sponsors include Ping, Titleist, and Foot Joy. If you are as disgusted by his arrogant and disrespectful comments as I am , please let his sponsors know.


Unknown said...

Calc's view is myopic; he's lost touch with the reality of who got him to where he is. Yes, he's a talented PGA Tour pro with multiple wins and lots of $$$ in his pockets all made possible by us 'chops' frequenting his sponsors. More of this and we're likely to see more sponsors (Tiger and Buick) bailing.

I'll dig around for a follow-up explanatory quote. If you find one, please share it.

JS said...

Atta boy!