Friday, March 13, 2009

Stenson, Overlooked by Underall, Breaks Out the Big Gun....

It seems that Henrik Stenson was a little pissed at Laci Underall and her gang of fabulous golf babes for being left off the recently published list of the PGA's hottest golfers. So angry was the Swingin' Swede that he decided yesterday to let his freak flag fly and "show the world" what he is really made of. Check him out in the photos below:

When questioned, Stenson only muttered "I'll show little Laci and her crew what a REAL man looks like - this is only my 9 iron !" ! When reached at her palatial estate, Ms. Underall could only respond "My,my...what a silly LITTLE man". No doubt, the ever immaculate Ben Hogan is turning over in his grave at this very moment.

Seriously - yesterday, on the 4th hole rather than getting all muddy while playing an errant shot in his tight,shiny "Euro Suit", Henrik stripped down (almost) to his birthday suit. Fortunately, after hitting the shot, he wiped off and put his gear back on (much to the dismay of Calvin Klein, who was prepared to offer Mr. Stenson a modeling gig at the turn if he would switch into some CK boxer briefs !)

The story ended rather happily, however, as he posted a very respectable 69.

(Ed Note: in a similar sitch in Dubai, the clothes stayed on. Something tells me that the Arab world is not quite ready for Swedish, er, uh, "beefcake")

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Acemakr said...

New meaning for 'tightie whities'.