Friday, March 6, 2009

What the World Needs Now is Another Frank Sintra

....or so the song by Cracker goes. Actually, the world needs a LOT more than another ol' Blue Eyes - but we need to focus,dammit , so focus we will. Let's start small, and meaningful to those of us at Bushwood. Let's start with some MEANINGFUL World Golf Rankings, shall we.

The current system is a flat out mess, and is more confusing than...., well than ANYTHING. Consider these factoids:
  1. Tiger Woods has played 36 holes of golf in the last 8 months, and is STILL #1. He's the best, no doubt - but does Jack Nicklaus still get consideration ?
  2. Rory McElroy has won ONE event and is ranked # 17.Huge talent, and seemingly a great kid, but aren't we crowning him a wee bit early ?
  3. #5 is missing cuts faster than a cornerback in concrete shoes. I know he dominated the majors last year, but he is as cold as a mother-in-law's love in 2009.
  4. #13,#16 and #17 have never won on the PGA tour. I know it's supposed to be the "world" rankings, but can we not agree that the PGA is where the best competitors play - and shouldn't people in the top 20 who have played 50+ PGA events have at least won ONCE ?.
  5. Goosen is #37 and Boo Weekly is (barely) in at #50 - I will take ALL bets on that head to head matchup. Retief last won when blue dresses from the Gap were fashionable at the White House.
  6. #26 has never played a PGA event - Do ya think the 26th best player (who ladies swoon over) would get at least a LITTLE encouragement to cross the pond and play ONE event on US soil ?
Whaaa ? The first one leads you to believe it's long term performance...but the second suggests it is current performance. The others are just ridiculous

There can be no arguing these facts:
  • The current system is completely un-understandable.
  • It is completely UN -EXPLAINABLE. Even if you profess to understand it, lets see you explain it to 3 people and have all of them get it.
It is,as an old Scottish caddie once said to me, "fecked up". I could absolutely bury you with more examples if I did the research - but just check out the World Golf Rankings and see what you think. Methinks you will agree with the highlands looper, it's fecked....

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Now that's what a golf blog post is supposed to be like !