Monday, April 20, 2009

Taylor Made Performance Lab Perfects Cloning...

Ok, I admit the headline is a little sensationalistic, but heck it IS Monday - so we needed to juice it up a little bit (No, A-ROiD, that's not a casting call for you and your latest "New York Housewife" ...).

Many of you know of the space age wizardry that TaylorMade has in it's quiver of TaylorMade Performance Labs scattered across the USA - well, I have some good news for readers in the Beantown area (no, it's not those photos of Alex and Perez Hilton that you were hoping for - it's even better ! TaylorMade is announcing tomorrow that they are opening their newest TaylorMade Performance Lab at The International in Boston on April 27th - and it's rumored to be the best yet.

A few snippets from TaylorMade:
  • Beginning April 27, TaylorMade Performance Lab’s certified professionals will fit men, women and junior golfers of all ages and abilities to a custom set of TaylorMade® golf clubs using an exclusive technology previously available only to Tour professionals, called Motion Analysis Technology by TaylorMade (MAT-T).
  • “After visiting The International and seeing the fabulous golf courses and great facilities, I knew we had to bring our exclusive fitting system there,” said Herb Meistrich, President and CEO of TaylorMade Performance Labs. “The International is steeped in tradition and we know golfers from the Northeast will take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy an unparalleled custom fitting experience at a world class facility.
  • Dan Weadock Jr, President of The International added, “With the introduction of the TaylorMade Performance Lab, The International reinforces its commitment to providing a world class golfing experience to our members, guests and the golfers around the world who come to play our two fabled courses.”
The labs use something called "motion capture technology", which is the same stuff used in the Tiger Woods golf game, and lots of movies. From what I have seen of the process, you feel a little bit like you are in a sci fi flick and are getting fitted for your on screen bod. From there, they analyze your swing,body movements, and posture - capturing the data necessary to come up with a custom set of specs for you. Based on these specs, a custom set of new sticks - driver to wedges, can be cranked out JUST FOR YOU in about 48 hours. The TMP Labs are located at The Four Seasons Resort in North San Diego,CA; the Hyatt Grand Cypress Resort in Orlando, Florida; Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro,GA (where I was last week !!!); and The Olympia Fields Country Club in Chicago,IL. More info is available at

Stay tuned for updates on this - I will be paying a visit to the TMP Lab at Reynolds Plantation later this summer, and will put up a couple of posts detailing what it is like from a first person guinea pig's perspective. I'm hoping that they can even clone a perfect golf partner for me (to the TMP guys - Use this recipe: Angelina Jolie + Megan Fox + Paula Creamer + my wife...)

That's it for today - gotta go watch some "Eastbound and Down".....Kenny Powers is callin' my name !

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