Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bushwood Member Blair O'Neal is,um,QUALIFIED !

A few weeks back, we interviewed Blair O'Neal - this year's uber-hottie from TGC's Big Break PEI. Blair was super nice throughout the interview process - and shortly after the post was up, our membership committee met, and voted rather UNANIMOUSLY to extend a membership to Blair.

For those of you who follow The Big Break, you probably noticed that early on Blair was sort of considered "just a pretty face", and was not given much of a chance - while we can surely understand the former, the latter has turned out to be far from the truth. After 5 people have been booted from the show, our girl Blair is still there kickin azz and takin' names... However, that is not the big news.

On Monday May 18th, there was a little event at the Phoenix Country Club - called the U.S Women's Open local qualifier. Entered in the event was none other than the lovely and talented Blair O'Neal. I won't make you wait any longer to learn what all the excitement is about here at BCC - Blair rocked the house, shooting a cool 3 over par 75 to QUALIFY FOR THE SECTIONALS ! To show Blair our support, the members have voted to sponsor Blair in the sectionals - that's right - we have assessed our members and will be paying her entry fee into the US Women's Open Sectional.

We caught up with Blair today, and asked her a few questions about the local qualifier:

Cash: First of all, congrats on takin' some names at the Phoenix CC this weekend. We were cheering hard and long for you! Tell us a little about it.
Blair: Thanks for the Congrats. I had an awesome day - it was a little nerve wracking at times, but I am happy with the result.
Cash: How did you start the round ?
Blair: Oddly, I started off not so well - I hit my first drive into a fairway bunker, and eventually double bogeyed the hole ! UGH! But then, I settled down and put together a string of pars.
Cash:When was your first birdie ?
Blair: On my 9th hole (actually the par 5 #18) b/c I started on the back 9), I hit a great drive, laid up with a 6 iron, and was about 100 yards out. From there, I hit my approach to about a foot - that gave me a lot of momentum for the last nine holes. I also had one of my good friends from high school caddying for me - so she helped keep me focused on the moment.
Cash: What was the layout like ?
Blair: The course played pretty long - probably 6,600 yards or so - which helped me because I was able to use my distance off the tee to my advantage. The greens were very fast,but in great condition - so I was rolling the ball pretty well. Oh, and it 107 degrees at around 1:00 !
Cash: OMG - that's ridiculous ! So what's next up ?
Blair: Well, I selected the Maryland site for playing in the sectionals. I have some friends in the area, and I think the course sets up well for me - so hopefully I will play well, and make it into the U.S. Open.
Cash: Well, everyone here is cheering hard for you - we are all proud of how well you are playing. It's obvious that the hard work you told us about earlier is really paying off for you. I gotta tell you one final story - I was playing last week and one of my partners brought along his 13 year old son named Caleb. When I told him about Bushwood, and that you were a member here he almost melted.
Blair: Melted ?
Cash: His immediate response was this "Blair is the PERFECT woman - she is a model, she plays golf, and she is HOTTT! I wish could meet her !". I told him I would ask you to send him one of your famous autographed photos - can we do that ?
Blair: Sure..I'm happy to !
Cash: Blair, thanks again for your time. Always nice talking to you - and keep on rockin !
Ok gang, that's it from BCC today. Keep watching and cheering for our homegirl Blair O'Neal, and check her out at


Heather said...

Congrats Blair! That is simply amazing. 6,600 yards are you kidding me? Played a little over 6,000 today and it kicked my azz!

Hack said...

If only she had some looks to go w/her nice personality...she may get somewhere in life.

So sad.

country clubs on long island said...

Wow she is awesome. She is ready for Sport Illustrated magazine as one of the sexiest Golfer.