Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dudes Messin' with John Daly - FAIL

I came across story today on John Daly (imagine that!). Martin Rogers has written a pretty slanted attack on Long John Daly over at Devil Ball Golf .  The article calls into question everything from Daly's golf attire (provided by LoudMouth Golf - check em out !) to his attempts to right his financial situation.  While Devil Ball is usually written by Jay Busbee, a dude who I like a lot, and is a real leader in the golf blogosphere, I suppose they have given a guest editor a shot today.
Judging by the comments to this post, a "SHOT" is something Martin is likely to get if he shows his face anywhere - likely the 12 gauge kind.  His take on Daly's comeback is clearly less than flattering, and he has angered a ton of people in only a couple of hours.  Here are a few of the choice comments from the readers:
  • why don't you actually do some reporting on the entire story, rather than just harping all over him. you're a douchebag and it's getting really old. how about some comparisons between the how difficult an italian course plays as compared to the courses the pga plays on. how about some insight on the competition he faced in that tournament? how good are they? how do they stack up against the pga? it gets [explicative] old listening to you constantly harp on daly. i understand that is what the media is all about these days because they feel so inadequate about their own choices in life, but please stop it already.
  • I'm sure this Martin is desperate for attention, pissing people off, Bad example for young writers, to learn that putting people, when they are down, is good writing. That you can have a job, or keep your job, That's a shame, or a scheme, for readers to respond, I'm writing or responding to this idiocracy. My advice to you Martin, is to practice cleaning toilets, Coz that's where you going, Good Luck John, Congrats!! and Good Luck in the European tour, You are the Man!!
  • Hey Martin, I think you've exposed yourself as just another freeloader trying to get some attention on the back of JD. It's funny how many unknown writers have come out in the last couple of weeks with stories about how Tiger is done and John Daly is a "freak show." Yeah, he's a freak show with 2 major championships, you douche bag. Fact is, John moves the needle in golf. Now that he's playing well, LOTS of people care, you included, apparently. If you had a big event with John, Tiger and Phil playing in different groups, who would have the smallest gallery? Hint: It wouldn't be John or Tiger. Yahoo, please stop publishing these outlandish and ridiculous columns from no-name writers trying to get attention. PLEASE.
  • 'Sad? Yes, but also proof that Daly no longer has any pride left, whatever his financial state.' Are you serious with this statement? Could it be that he has come to realize the sitiation he as put himself in and is taking steps to improve things? Seems to me that he attempting to change because he has some pride left. What is sad is that we are burying people before they pass. He just may be giving everyone what they have been hounding him about for years and they still aren't happy. That isn't a reflection on JD, my friend.
There are a ton more comments  - and perhaps the most interesting thing is that not ONE PERSON agrees with the Rogers take on JD.  Now, I am no professional journalist - but a 0 percent success rate tells me maybe it's time Mr. Rogers decided write about lacrosse or something.

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