Monday, May 4, 2009

Frogger Golf - Better than a Sham Wow, No Nasty Stripper Beat Down Required...

If you watch very much Golf Channel programming, you have probably seen your share of infomercials/commercials pimping the latest new golf invention. Hell, TGC even had (has ?) a show focused on new golf related inventions. Even the industry gets in on the game, as each year the annual PGA Show awards a "product of the year" to some deserving outfit. Recently, I've seen several ads from a company called Frogger Golf - makers of the the Amphibian Towel and BrushPro that I thought were pretty cool. When I started checking this out a little closer, I saw that these guys have won the "Best New Product" at the PGA merch show for the last TWO YEARS RUNNING. That's right - the "Brush Pro" won in 2008, and the Amphibian Towel won in 2009. Now you know that we here at Bushwood run with the winners, so I felt compelled to check their gear out. I contacted the nice folks at Frogger, and my gear was soon on the way - The BrushPro, The Amphibian Towel, and The Amphibian Ball Towel.
About the Gear
Frogger's three products are all focused on one pretty simple premise - keeping your clubs and ball clean. They are all available in a variety of colors.
What We Thought
  • Nice packaging on all three products - clear, easy to understand instructions for replacing the brushes,groove cleaner, etc.
  • Pretty cool that they offer replacement brushes and groove cleaners - not a lot of truly reusable golf products out there.
  • The BrushPro is a great product,period. The handle is easy to handle (good), but may be a little large for some (deal with it). It comes on a retractable leash, and attaches to your bag with a sturdy carabiner. The brush also has the aforementioned retractable groove cleaner - a nice metal gizmo that works a lot better than a tee. As mentioned above, both the brush AND the groove cleaner are replaceable. Also available is an all-nylon brush which you can slide on that's great for cleaning off your shoes or bag - a nice touch. Another nice touch is that all of these add-ons come in clear plastic storage boxes for secure storage. Grade : A
  • The Amphibian Towel comes in two flavors - The "regular" size which attaches to your bag, and is for cleaning clubs, grips, etc; and the "mini" size, which is designed for cleaning your golf balls. The mini also comes with a small carabiner and can be attached to your belt loop (not my look, but if you want to rock it like that, go for it). Both towels work the same way - their design is allows you to keep the inside wet (for cleaning stuff) and the outside dry (for drying stuff off). WHAAAA ? Well, that's what I thought too. The towels are built like a envelope that's open on two sides, and the inside is a different,separate piece than the outside. To make them "work", simply wet the inside (I used 24 oz. of water on the larger one, and about 4 oz on the smaller one), and let the water get absorbed by the inner layer. As crazy as that sounds, it works. The large towel, which I attached to my bag as a replacement of my regular towel, worked very well - and kept my clubs clean all day. The inside stayed wet, and the outside stayed dry - as promised. The smaller towel, or "ball towel", was useful all day long - I just carried it to the green with me, and it did a great job of keeping my ball clean. I did have to re-moisten it mid round, but that is no big deal. Overall, I was pretty damn amazed that these products worked EXACTLY as the infomercial said they would (unlike the Sham-Wow - suck it, Vince) . The quality of the materials is very high - clearly the guys at Frogger Golf are in it for the long haul, and care very much about making a high caliber product. Grade : A+
My overall impression of the company and their products is very high. When you check them out (and you will want to), remember that they are a small shop - so be patient of you don't get a chirpy voice from Mumbai on the first ring ( actually, I got the Founder when I called - who is a super dude), just leave them a message or drop em an email at They will respond, and I think you will be delighted with their products.
Gotta run, Big Break PEI is coming on tonight - and I just know that Brian is gonna melt down hard...

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