Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tiger, I got your back man...(Did I just write that ?)

World #1 Tiger Woods (L) Tiger's New Coach (R)

A couple of weeks back, I willingly admitted that I am not a Tiger "fan" - no doubt he is the baddest of the bad a$$es, but I prefer to root for other golfers. It's all cool - he knows he is welcome here at BCC anytime, but he has to pay for his brewskis just like the rest of us.
Anyway, today I read (another) absurd article from an AP writer (name withheld) who proclaimed that "Tiger is back, but without the same power". The article goes on to document how Philly Mc was blowing it by Tiger, and how Tiger is hitting "two more clubs" now than he was pre-injury. Furthermore, Tiger is now averaging "only 300 yards " off the tee. Now, all that may be true....but when did we start equating pure length with winning ? For the last several years, TW has not been the longest off the tee ( I think, by design) - but does that really matter ? I mean, we CONSTANTLY hear that "distance is not everything", and "drive for show, putt for dough"....but now, thanks to the AP, we know that was all just bullsh!t.
Well, I am so friggin glad that we cleared that up. This can only mean one thing for Mr. Ferguson the AP dude...that's TGC on your phone right now offering you a job alongside Kelly T.
Tiger, for God's sake, get rid of Hank Haney and hire this guy, he has got it all figured out....

Bonus Factoid: I'm picking Ian Poulter to win this week at The Players. As much as I cheer for the Red,White,and Blue, I have a feeling that the spiky one is poised to kick some major arse this weekend...


Todd said...

I think the writer makes a good point that Tiger has lost his length advantage. When he first came on tour and up through around 2002 his length was a huge advantage. Maybe he didn't always hit it as far as he could, but he had the ability to be just as long as anyone. Watching the Masters, it looked as if he was struggling to be within 15 yards of Phil off the tee. So yeah, I think he's lost that advantage, and I'm pretty sure it means something too him.

Heather said...

LMAO. This is hilarious. I didn't hit nearly as far as my match play opponent earlier this week, but if I could have sank a couple tough (but doable) putts I would have kicked her 3.2 a@@. I didn't make the putts and she won, but it was all in the putting baby.

Does this mean TGC doesn't want me?

Heather said...

Correction: I meant "a$$," not "a@@".

"I could have kicked her 3.2 ass." There, I said it. Hope the BCC hospitality committee doesn't get on my case.