Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bivens Must Go...

"Let the Eat Cake - from Denny's !"

If the title of this post sounds straight to the point, well, I make no apologies - it IS exactly the point that I am making. I've read several opinions throughout the blogosphere that the LPGA Commissioner "should not be blamed for the current situation", and that she "has made a number of good business decisions". Those comments would be laughable if they were not so sad.
I suppose it has become commonplace in our society to NOT hold people who are in positions of authority RESPONSIBLE for their actions and the ultimate success of the organization which they are paid to lead.
Here are the (abbreviated) facts, plain and simple:
  1. Bivens took office amid a whirlwind of change at the LPGA.
  2. She quickly sent everyone a message that there was "a new sherriff in town", and let everyone know that things would operate according to her rules.
  3. She made numerous staff changes, cutting loose several long time members of the LPGA team.
  4. She took a very hardline with sponsors and tournament organizers, again setting the tone that it was "her way or the highway".
  5. Since she took the helm, the LPGA has flat out struggled.
  6. Even in these times of crisis, she is virtually INVISIBLE (and has been for the last year).
  7. The LPGA is losing events at an alarming rate.
  8. She clearly lacks the confidence of the players.
After considering these facts, I invite anyone to explain to me exactly how Bivens is NOT responsible for the situation that she has led the LPGA into. I know it's much more fashionable to blame something or someone else (Bush, Obama, the economy, bloggers, Perez Hilton, a vast right wing conspiracy, etc.) - but, please wake up and smell the napalm...Bivens has created this situation, and the only way out is to cut her loose. When leaders fail to lead, they should be replaced...not excused for the consequences of their actions.


Toni said...

Your post it's really interesting

Heather said...

I think a Bushwood Bivens interview would give her the opportunity to elaborate on the leadership (or lack there of) that she has provided.

Do you want to make the call or should I? ;o)

michael said...

while i agree what everyone is saying, where was all of this talk 6 months ago when the LPGA starting loosing their marquee events???? now that the players have finally gotten together and sent a message that she needs to go, EVERYONE is saying it. i don't get it...

kokogirl said...

My husband and I have been talking about Bivens not being a good commish for the last couple years. Our viewpoint is that she comes off to the public as being a bitch. That is not the face that the LPGA needs. I hope the LPGA finds a golf-loving, charismatic, smart, leader who can kiss ass to prospective sponsors.