Monday, July 13, 2009

Dear LPGA - One word of Advice: "ANNIKA"

Now that the Wicked Witch of the LPGA has had a complete meltdown been vanquished to parts unknown, the LPGA should not waste time in making a strong,decisive move to fill the role of Commissioner. I know they have named an "interim commissioner" to fill the immediate void, but I am hoping that they will see the obvious, and act in a suitably prompt manner to name a full time replacement.

Considering all of the uncertainty, unrest, confusion, chaos, angry sponsors, disillusioned fans, and a decidedly risky road to recovery, there is one clear choice for the Commissioner's position - Annika Sorenstam. The LPGA has made a small move toward Annika, naming her as an advisor to the Board of Directors - a role which she has publicly embraced already. This baby step, however, needs to be followed up by a full court press to convince Annika that she is one person who can stabilize and restore the LPGA to some semblance of it's recent self.

Here are just 5 reasons that this makes sense:
  1. Annika is still the most recognizable name in women's golf - both in the US and abroad - something KEY to the LPGA's resurrection.
  2. She brings the credibility of a player, the business savvy of a businessperson, and the grace of someone who truly understands the women's game - all important attributes I wrote about earlier on this blog when I called for a replacement.
  3. She has the admiration and respect of the players, the sponsors, the manufacturers, and the fans - this is something that cannot be underestimated. When she speaks, everyone involved in women's golf listens.
  4. She has the backbone to call things like she sees them, and the wisdom to know when to leave a burning pile of crap alone and let it flame out - both characteristics that she demonstrated repeatedly while on tour. This ability to know when to fight and when to walk away will present a marked contrast to the previous regime - another important factor in convincing people that a REAL change has occurred.
  5. She has the "juice" necessary to get the equipment manufacturers more involved in and supportive of the LPGA (ever notice that Titleist and Cobra have ZERO women golfers as "staff players" - WTF ???)
I will stop at 5 in the interest of brevity, but I could easily write another 10 or 15 reasons. Oh, and one other thing - She actually understands the game, plays the game, and SHE SHOT A FREAKING 59 !!!!!

Oh, in case you were wondering about the photo above, That's Annika too - bet I fooled you !


kokogirl said...

How come I keep on agreeing with you? Annika is my first pick also. The problem is that I doubt she wants the job. She has her own business ventures and she is starting a family now. We can hope, though. :)

Average Golfer said...

After her comeback she'd be the first commissioner to tee it up.

Heather said...

Love Annika for the job, but I agree with Kokogirl. Will Annika want the job? The LPGA needs to do everything it can to convince her she does.