Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger and the Ghost of Bud Dwyer

Well folks, if you are here to read another blogger rip on Tiger and act all sanctimonious, I guess you will have to just move along now - cause that's not gonna happen here. I've had my fill of everyone from Alex Micelli (of the Golf Channel, founder of, and obvious lover of Krispy Kreme 12 packs), to Nick Faldo, to various bloggers (too many to mention) giving Tiger hell. Enough already. Yes, he cheated. Yes, they were by and large skanks. I could go on...but that's the point...we have all heard enough of this crap.
I watched his press conference today (boycotted by the same media who will be kissing his a$ within the next 90 days)...yes, it was scripted, yes, it was awkward, and no, there is no way to know how sincere he really was. For the people who were SO incensed that they could not ask him questions - wake weren't gonna ask him his views on World Peace, Universal Healthcare, or the Haiti earthquake, now were you ? Nah, you wanted some wanted Dirty Laundry..."keep the widow on the set, we need dirty laundry", as Don Henley once sang
For those critical of his "performance" today, I don't know what anyone really expected, I mean, was he supposed to go all Bud Dwyer on us. Nonetheless, folks will keep on flogging Tiger for sure, and every word he uttered today will be sliced,diced, and tested for DNA evidence. From my perspective, he did the something today, and if that's the best he could do, the we will just have to accept that and move on. Let's get back to Golf, fer Chrissakes... Now, about the blue dress from the Gap


Heather Kerrigan said...

It's strange. While Mr. Woods' speech was robotic and beyond awkward, he said way more than I expected him to. It was almost painful to watch IMHO.

But I agree. Move along folks, nothing else to see here. It's golf season for goodness sake.

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