Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ummmmm, I Forgotted

If you pay much attention to the LPGA, or even golf in general, you've probably read that Michelle Wie has an interview coming out in the March issue of Golf magazine (you can read it here at The byline of the article proclaims that she has "bounced back" and that "her future is brighter than ever" (it also has some kind of soft porn-ish shot of her lounging in a hammock ...)

In the course of the interview, in which the interviewer totally kisses her a$$ asks some really tough and probing questions, the topic of Wie's struggles in 2007 come up. In what we have come to recognize as typical "Wie-nial" fashion, she is unable to face the music and accept accountability for her,um, actions. However, apparently "Michelle 2.0" is now in tha' house, and her manner of addressing topics such as this is to say..... " I DON'T REMEMBER!".... I know this sounds completely I have excerpted the most memorable sections for you below (interviewer's questions are in bold)....hang on kiddies, here we go

What was the lowest low point?
I don't remember.

What do you mean?
I don't remember a lot from that time [nervous laugh]. I think I've blocked it out.

You mean you don't dwell on it, or you literally don't remember?
I literally do not remember a lot of things from that time.

You mean entire tournaments?
Just in general. I don't remember a lot of things.

Because it was so traumatic?
Yeah, it was a lot more traumatic for me than people think.

Why? When was it most traumatic?
I can't remember. I literally can't. I don't remember. It all blurs together. The year [2007] feels like it was a really short time.

You said something at a press conference at the 2007 U.S. Women's Open that was very revealing. Do you remember that tournament?
Not really.

It was at Pine Needles [in North Carolina].
I don't remember where it was played.

At a press conference before the first round, you were asked if playing with an injured wrist was a smart move. You said, "Come on, this is the U.S. freaking Open." You shot 82 and ended up withdrawing. But the fact that you played showed heart.
Oh yeah, I do remember that. I was determined not to miss the U.S. Open for anything. Now that I look at that, it doesn't make sense, because there are gonna be so many more U.S. Opens. But at that time, everything felt so important, and I did not want to miss any of it. It was the U.S. freaking Open.

That May, you withdrew from the Ginn Tribute under controversial circumstances. Annika Sorenstam, the event's host, said you showed a "lack of respect and class." Have you ever spoken with her about it?

Did you ever feel a need to?
I actually don't remember. What happened?

You were in danger of posting an 88 in the first round, which would have made you ineligible to play LPGA events for the rest of the year. You withdrew after 16 holes, citing your wrist injury. Two days later, you were seen hitting balls. Critics wondered if you used your wrist as an excuse so that you wouldn't have to submit a score.
I have no comment about that because I really don't remember.

None of it?
I kinda do, but I don't want to say anything false. I don't need to rehash that. I don't want to say anything false because I don't remember.

To be clear, you haven't spoken with Annika since then?
I don't think so, no. I think we're over it. We're past that.

In case you were not counting, she said "I don't remember ELEVEN TIMES!!!!

To make this even more hilarious, her supporters have pointed out how brilliant she is "because not just anyone can get into Stanford"... Well, I guess since she cant seem to remember anything as recently as two years ago, she is either gonna have to repeat a lot of classes, or maybe just admit that she is not NEARLY as smart as advertised. Maybe B.J. and Bo have to helicopter her because she FORGETS where the car is parked.
I know golf is struggling a little bit right now, and especially the LPGA - So I don't mean to try to blunt any momentum it has created - but this is just wrong. Is it too much for Michelle Wie to accept responsibility for her successes AND failures ?
Maybe this isn't all her fault though..maybe it's a genrational thing, and nobody is accountable for anything... Hope and Change, baby....that's what I'm caellin' it...


Heather said...


I can remember all the details of my worst figure skating competition ever. I can tell you where it took place, what I was wearing, who my coach was, how many times I fell, and what place I took (last)—and it was 1980!

Although my kids can't never remember where they put the chargers to their electronics, so maybe it is generational. ;o)

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