Friday, February 10, 2012

Is less really more ? (part 1)

Adams Speedline Super XTD
RocketBallz by TaylorMade

Recently, two equipment manufacturers have launched product lines that have two interesting  things in common...
(1) the feature some form of "slot" in the clubhead, which is reported to provide flex in the clubface, and therefore more velocity and distance
(2) the featured club in each case is a 3 wood (not the driver, as we have come to expect)
By now, you have probably determined that the clubs I am referring to are TM's "Rocketballz" line, and Adams Golf latest in the Speedline series.  

While all of the reviews and reports suggest that this technology really works, our nature here at BCC is "seeing is believing" (just ask Lacey Underalls if you doubt us....).
Over the next two weeks, we will be testing these two newcomers against two old favorites: the  TM R9 and the TourEdge Exotics xcg5 (which is touted as being the longest 3 wood on the market).
Stay tuned for the "straight story"  from our testing, which will be supervised by our own Judge Smails...

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ed said...

If the slot works in a steel head 3 wood, they could make a steel driver with the technology and stop charging us $300 for a titanium driver! The spring effect is limited by rule, so if the steel with slot can get the same effect, we can save the worlds supply of titanium.