Friday, February 24, 2012

Tiger's Putter needs some Love #putterlove ?

If you watched Tiger's putting woes this week, you have to wonder what the heck is going on ....It's certainly nothing he can blame on Hank, or atribute to the "wipey" swing that he has been heard to complain about.  Tiger has vacillated between (at least) three putters over the past 12 months - his original Scotty, a heel shafted "semi mallet", and now the Nike version of his venerable Cameron Newport.
Despite the equipment changes, his putting continues to be lackluster. We can all understand, I suppose, the impact of his personal struggles and his injuries on his full shots - as that is a much more complex motion. However, it is difficult to comprehend that the guy who not so long ago had (arguably) the best putting stroke ever finds himself in such a pickle. No matter what Johnny Miller says about Tiger winning "40 more tournaments and 4 more majors", one thing is for certain - if Eldrick cannot figure out the flatstick, he has no chance to ever reach those numbers.

Here is a thought - maybe Tiger and Nike should follow the lead of TaylorMade and their recent "#driverlove" campaign...they could start a #putterlove campaign, and make Tiger some special hats...


tucson airport hotels said...

This is not good in Tiger. I need to see more of his stuff before the scandal.

Shawn C said...

Go back to basics. Get the voices out of your head.